Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Exams are looming!

Gosh! So 78 people took a look at my blog in November. I can't help wondering if these were repeat views from my adoring family (thanks fam!), or if there are others out there who are keen to plod the same path I did. Perhaps you already are? So exciting! (Unless it's my family, in which case, more of an "aah, so sweet" moment than excitement).

I'm a week away from exams. Yes, I certainly should not be blogging but it's a good distraction. I can't believe I'm at the end of the first semester of my first year. I sit in class sometimes, and have to remind myself that I'm actually in medicine. Still surreal!

The workload however...not so surreal! I often think the sheer volume of information/assignments/guest lectures/anatomy labs/histology labs/imaging... (you get the picture) is simply given to build character, so that when residency comes, you'll know for sure that you can survive almost anything. Mmm, I thought that's what kids were for!

It's quite different coming from undergrad where you go into exams "knowing what you don't know", and generally having covered it all, but perhaps a little shaky on a couple of pieces. In med, everyone tells us you have to get used to going into exams NOT knowing things, as there is simply way too much to know! It's difficult to get used to that.

I marvel at the way the curriculum is put together though. We work with "patients" from the second week, and are exposed to so many amazing learning opportunities. Don't worry if you only go through something once - you are bound to get it again in a different format, or explore the same concept from a different perspective. They really do have it all figured out!

Night peeps! (That would be you, family)

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