Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Exams are looming!

Gosh! So 78 people took a look at my blog in November. I can't help wondering if these were repeat views from my adoring family (thanks fam!), or if there are others out there who are keen to plod the same path I did. Perhaps you already are? So exciting! (Unless it's my family, in which case, more of an "aah, so sweet" moment than excitement).

I'm a week away from exams. Yes, I certainly should not be blogging but it's a good distraction. I can't believe I'm at the end of the first semester of my first year. I sit in class sometimes, and have to remind myself that I'm actually in medicine. Still surreal!

The workload however...not so surreal! I often think the sheer volume of information/assignments/guest lectures/anatomy labs/histology labs/imaging... (you get the picture) is simply given to build character, so that when residency comes, you'll know for sure that you can survive almost anything. Mmm, I thought that's what kids were for!

It's quite different coming from undergrad where you go into exams "knowing what you don't know", and generally having covered it all, but perhaps a little shaky on a couple of pieces. In med, everyone tells us you have to get used to going into exams NOT knowing things, as there is simply way too much to know! It's difficult to get used to that.

I marvel at the way the curriculum is put together though. We work with "patients" from the second week, and are exposed to so many amazing learning opportunities. Don't worry if you only go through something once - you are bound to get it again in a different format, or explore the same concept from a different perspective. They really do have it all figured out!

Night peeps! (That would be you, family)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Thanks, Mom!

Well! A lot has happened...

 Truthfully, it's been so long that I struggled to find my blog! You can all thank my mom for bullying me into returning to write.

So... I actually got in! Wonder if I should change that blog title to "Seriously. MD."? It took many years, blood, sweat and tears, but it paid off. Certainly can't say I'm not determined! I'm half way through my first year of medicine and loving it! Some of my thoughts below:

I don't believe in fate. I do believe we have a purpose. If you listen, you'll know it. It's persistent.

In my final year of high school, our literature teacher handed each student a quote, which she felt was relevant for that individual. Mine read, “To thine own self be true” by Shakespeare. I didn't think much of it at the time, but it's been a theme throughout my life – to be true to myself and to follow my passion.

I've wanted to be a doctor since I was nine. I didn't tell many people. I didn't think it was achievable for me.

Funny how opportunities present themselves. I didn't think we'd move countries, and certainly didn't think I'd be headed back to university full time. Along my journey I experienced massive self doubt - repeatedly. I still do, but it's getting better. Interestingly, many of these brilliant people I'm surrounded by feel the same way. That surprised me.

 I've always known what I was supposed to be doing. Sometimes it takes courage. I have kept and I cherish all the words of encouragement I've received from people who have supported me on this journey over the years. From those I love, those I have loved and lost, and those who have simply passed through my life, bringing positivity and inspiration. I hope I have returned some of that.

If you are on a journey to follow your heart's desire, hold on tightly.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Staying on the path

I do believe I'm on the right path. Every now and then I'm reminded of that, particularly when I'm feeling like a bit of a failure! I was at a music concert last night and exchanged a few words with the person next to me. Turns out, she is a physician, having started her studies in her thirties. She was so supportive of my decision - great boost to my day. Onward and upward!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summertime...and the living is (too) easy...

Summer is here! I barely recognize the streets around our neighbourhood with all the greenery and bushy trees. Went for a lovely run at 5.45am yesterday. Not at all difficult to get up when the sun is shining through the windows! However, this happy summery mood is not contributing to effective study! Will be getting back on that wagon smartly! Here I go...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Got my final marks back for my first year and can officially say I'm an A- student! Am very excited and happy with myself! OK, so for those med wannabes, I am aware this is not good enough, but it's not awful and so so much better than my high school grades - which we certainly won't be discussing on this page! Only praise and happy thoughts required to keep my momentum going. Thank you (bows). Now for that MCAT.

O Canada

So yesterday, we became citizens of Canada. While this is obviously a wonderful event, I surprised myself at how emotional I found it. I have dual citizenship, so not as though I'm giving anything up, but still, I was really anxious on the way to the ceremony. So much so, that my dear son laughed at my sighs! :) Not much understanding there, I tell ya! At the end of it, we had frozen yogurt to celebrate and waved our Canadian flags as we went, Canadian pins attached to shirts in honor of this great country that has welcomed us with open arms. We have so much to be thankful for.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time flies

Time flies. Seriously. A couple of years ago, I started a blog with the intention of sharing my long, long journey to becoming an MD. In fact, I only posted one entry and never looked at it again. I had a full time career and although my heart has always been in it, the thought of applying to med was so far in the future, that I put my blogging aside and continued with the daily grind. Fast forward and here I am. A city move and a whole year of university behind me. How did that happen? it sneaks up on you, really it does. I can now officially say that I'll be applying to med school next year. Wow! Seems surreal. Not to say I'll get in of course - I'm well aware that it's an incredibly competitive process and even if I do everything right, there are no guarantees. My gran always said that you feel the same regardless of your age. It's true. We grow up with the same insecurities we had as kids but perhaps learn to manage them a little better. It amazes me that those elite few who know of my plans speak as though it's a done deal. "What will you specialize in?" they ask. "how many years of residency will you do?" Children are great too. I think my younger son assumes I'm already doing it, and confidently says his mom is studying to be a doctor! Such faith. Well, that's what this is. A huge leap of faith. I do believe that I'm doing exactly what I was supposed to do all along, so plod forward I shall :) Loving the journey!